Recovery projects

Community Projects in Derbyshire:

Growing Recovery in Derbyshire

The Growing Recovery in Derbyshire website is designed to be a Recovery Services gateway allowing anyone to find up to date information on Drug and Alcohol Services, Recovery Services, Mental Health and essential services throughout Derbyshire. A great resource to find out what’s out there in Derbyshire and where to find it.

Rhubarb Recovery: Rhubarb Farm

Volunteering and training opportunities with qualifications in horticulture for clients who are residing in north Derbyshire, on the 8 acre farm site in Langwith, Bolsover DC.

Do you, or someone you know, have problems with Alcohol or Drugs and are finding that this is causing you problems?

If so, DRP can offer you help and support to either stop or gain control of your use and to start to build positive relationships for you, your family and your community.

The next step is simple – just phone 0845 308 4010 or 01246 206514 from your mobile or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you to have a chat, explain what we can do to help you, and agree your next steps.

DRP have a wealth of experience helping the people of Derbyshire to overcome problems with alcohol and drugs and to move on, building themselves and their families a better future.